Nov 21, 2010

I'm alive

Sorry, for long silence. I was slightly addicted World of Warcraft, had awesome weekends in Blizzcon event, and after that I just found out that I've got a couple project in line that I have to finish before New Year.
Here is that list:
1. Mini Dominance War V - texturing almost done.
2. Massive character old-school modelling tutor for 3D-Total (low-poly in progress, it also gonna challenge hardly my weak english skills)
3. I've decided to make  Diablo 3 cosplay demon hunter chick (set 4)  till next Blizzcon, so I spent few days for searching latex casting technology, bought  stuff and screwed up first molding.
4. Still trying to read Shattering (Prelude to Cataclysm), actually most of time I read my dictionary that that book /sigh
6. blablabla 7...8...9..

Ok, let's check out some pictures here. I know, how it can be boring to reading, especially if it written  by me.

Dominance War V ahhh that started challenge me straight away after it was launched.
 I'm awful at concept-making, that was painful for me to draw a character after  almost 1 years of break in this area. I don't know how that happened, but
 I din't draw character for a while. Tat was a good lesson for me, now I'm trying to keep practice with sketching.
Here are couple concept, that I did:

That demon-worm looks boring so after few versions I decided to make this techno mage chick:

Here is final low-poly and some texture progress:

I have to finish skirt and wings as soon as it possible, because  number 2 from my list is gonna be a problem, if I don't hurry up.

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  1. The techno mage chick looks interesting, cool :)! Keep us updated!